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CAPINC is the leading SOLIDWORKS value-added reseller (VAR) in New England.  We sell and support premier 3D design solutions including Stratasys 3D Printers to companies in CT, MA, ME, NH, RI and VT.

The CAPUniversity blog is authored by CAPINC‘s award winning engineering team. With experts in a wide range of fields, our engineers provide SolidWorks tutorials, best practices, tips & tricks, and an in depth exploration of SolidWorks solutions to help all levels of SolidWorks users become more proficient. These blog posts contain technical information, ranging from the ‘how to’s’ to ‘top 10 list’ of all things SolidWorks and mechanical engineering. In addition to our 3D design tips and tricks we’ve added weekly columns specifically dedicated to 3D Printing best practices, how to’s and applications.

Jason Pancoast

Engineering Manager

Jason has over 10 years of experience in the engineering industry. Prior to CAPINC, he worked as a contractor for a jet engine manufacturer. He had a brief stint at SolidWorks Corporation, and ultimately decided CAPINC was the place he wanted to be. As the engineering manager, Jason focuses on improving his team’s performance through education, engagement and experience. Unknown to many, Jason is a talented musician, with the ability to play many different instruments: the harmonica, trumpet, guitar and piano – but not all at once! When he actually steps away from his computer–and when his two little boys cooperate–he enjoys board games, pencil-and-paper role-playing games, and outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and traveling.

Keith Pedersen

Principal Engineer

Keith has almost 30 years of engineering experience. He started out designing Gatling gun barrels, and then naval propulsion machinery. After completing the Edison Engineering “A” course he programmed, sold, supported, and taught the French CAD system, ‘Euclid’ for 10 years. Since joining CAPINC in 1998, he has focused on Solidworks, surface modeling, FEA and Flow Simulation. When he’s not analyzing vibrating structures, or flowing airstreams on his computer, he relaxes by perfecting the vibrato on his flute; or by swatting bugs over the New England airspace in a Piper Warrior.

Al Zullo

Senior Applications Engineer

Al has 8 years of experience in the engineering industry as a drafter/detailer, designer and FEA analyst. He was also a bicycle mechanic and landscaper. If he could ride his bike to work every day, he would; but most of the time he’s on the road visiting customers all over New England. When he does get a chance to bike, he does and if all else fails, he goes for a run or surfs the beaches of Maine, because he enjoys that too.

Crystal Yazvac

Applications Engineer

Crystal has 8 years of experience in the engineering world, working as a design engineer in industrial equipment, consumer products and shaft coupling industries. She is experienced in SolidWorks, ProE and Catia, which helps when teaching SolidWorks to students who have worked with other CAD software. She has the following certifications: CSWP, CSWST, and CSWI.

Art Woodbury

Applications Engineer

Art has 40 years of experience in the engineering/design industry. He was an independent designer/consultant of scientific & medical optical instruments, and custom machinery. He is an avid motorcycle enthusiast, both on and off road and commonly arrives at work in full gear. If he can pull himself away from our tech support hotline, he’ll go for a ride during lunch; just don’t expect him to answer tech support calls on the weekend, as he’s probably out camping.

Jennifer Pouliot

Applications Engineer

Jenn has over 10 years experience in software engineering and almost 2 years in document control. She provided support and worked on software for the pharmaceutical, aerospace, and semiconductor industries. She has experience managing a PDM vault and is familiar with ISO, internal auditing, and export/destination control regulations. With a can-do attitude, Jenn releases her creative side through writing and drawing. Admittedly, she brings out her inner geek through the enjoyment of video games and other computer related activities, but she counteracts it with her love for nature and enjoying time with her family.

Paul Hagenow

Applications Engineer

Paul has 25 years of experience in the engineering/design industry. His experience includes a variety of engineering roles ranging from process engineer, quality engineer/supervisor, project engineer, applications engineer to design engineer (primarily automotive and semiconductor). He is well versed on all things requiring physical activity – woodworking, home building, heavy equipment usage and automotive repair. When he takes a break from those very labor intensive activities, he enjoys slightly less labor intensive activities such as skiing, motocross, and hiking… (those are less intensive?)

Shuvom Ghose

Simulation and Composer Product Specialist

Shuvom has 8 years experience in the engineering industry. 3 of those years he supported Marine helicopter maintenance near Camp Lejeune, primarily on the V-22 Osprey tilt rotor. He investigated hydraulic failures and determined root causes. He describes his work much like the TV show “CSI” but with dead machines instead of dead people. He frequently contributes to our technical blog, providing valuable insight on topics of interest, while inserting the necessary comic relief for seemingly dry issues. In his free time, which occurs every 3rd Saturday of the month, he enjoys playing golf, and embracing our civil liberties.

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CAPINC is a leading technical support provider; with extensive industry experience in all aspects of engineering. Many of our Application Engineers are some of the first to become Certified Elite Engineers recognized worldwide by SolidWorks Corporation. We hold multiple Certifications in SolidWorks, Enterprise PDM, and Dimension training & technical support. We have the highest number of engineers per customer among all of the New England resellers. Our commitment to maintaining this ratio enables us to provide excellent support.


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  1. Richard Williams aka Corporal Willy

    I just got the SolidWorks Blog on the conversions of native files to DXF. Excellently done by the way. I have a request. Can someone there show or produce a tutorial on the use of two tool in SolidWorks that I rarely see talked about. I’m referring to the indent and deform tools. I want to make human bones for a skeletal structure and so far I have not been able to make one that remotely resembles one like the femur. Thanks

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