SolidWorks Tech Tip: “A” is for Arc

“A” is for Arc

Have you ever wanted a faster way to switch from a Sketch Line to a Tangent Arc within SolidWorks?  Sure, you can use the Tangent Arc tool on the toolbar.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

You could also set up a Short Cut Key by going to View →ToolBars→Customize and choosing the Keyboard tab.  Find the tool Tangent Arc and add in a Short cut.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

You could even add a Mouse Gesture.  Also found under View →ToolBars→ Customize this time you choose the Mouse Gesture tab.  Find Tangent Arc and choose the mouse movement you would like.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

These are all great but there is a better way!  SolidWorks has provided the “A” key!  All you have to do is start drawing your sketch using the line tool.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

Whenever you want an arc that is tangent to the line you just drew, press the “A” key.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

You can always get back to a line by pressing the “A” key once again.

SolidWorks A is for Arc

Keep in mind that the placement of your curser when you press the “A” key will decided the direction of the Tangent.

SolidWorks A Is for Arc

Now you can draw lines and Tangent arcs without ever dropping a tool!



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