FDM Support Material Best Practices

For printers that use SST support (Dimension Elite, 768SST, SST1200(es), all uPrint variants, Fortus 250mc).

If the printer is not going to be used for three days a week or more, unload the support material and store it in a large zip lock bag, with some desiccant packs if you have any (save these from electronics that come in). Because the soluble support materials, both SR20 (translucent brown) and SR30 (white, some uPrints, Fortus 250MC) are hygroscopic (absorb moisture) they can absorb it from the air and become too damp to work properly.

Symptoms of damp material are clogging, a foamy appearance and lumps in the support. For SR20 a length of material extruded for examination will look like a string of pearls. When this has occurred the material is no longer usable and should be replaced. If you live in New England and need a cartridge replaced, please contact .

Typical shelf life after opening a cartridge of soluble support material is about 6 months. Shelf life when in the sealed factory package is measured in years so if you rotate material (first in, first out) you shouldn’t have an issue with unopened packages. The model cartridges don’t absorb moisture in any appreciable amounts and don’t need to be stored this way.

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