EPDM Tech Tip: Disabling Automatic Login


Selective Disabling of Automatic Login

Setting up EPDM to use a user’s Windows login, and to perform that login automatically is a very common, useful, and time saving configuration. But there are certain users who do not always want to log in as themselves.

If you want to disable automatic login on a particular client, for a particular vault, follow these easy steps:

1) On the client computer open up the SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Administration tool

2) Expand Local Settings and double click Settings

EPDM Local Vault Settings

3) On the Automatic Login tab select the Vault, uncheck Use server default, and uncheck Use automatic login for this vault

EPDM Settings

Done. This client’s view of this vault will now prompt for logins.

Conversely, in an environment where automatic logins are not the default, you can also use these settings to customize certain clients to automatically login as either the currently logged in Windows user or as a specified user account.



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