What can SolidWorks SimulationXpress do?

SolidWorks SimulationXpress…it’s FREE! Use it!
SimulationXpress available in all versions of Solidworks(there’s a complimentary bonus link at the end)

What can SimulationXpress do?

General design screening and relative comparisons part design is good place to start. This is an entry level step into simulation based on the full SolidWorks Simulation product allowing industrial designers through engineers to have the ability to perform “Virtual Validation” even with the entry level version of SolidWorks Standard.

SimulationXpress Core Capabilities

  1. Part analysis
  2. Stress analysis
  3. Optimization analysis with one variable and criterion
  4. Analysis management using Simulation study tree
  5. Isotropic materials
  6. Uniform pressure and force on faces
  7. Fixed restraints on faces
  8. Stress contour plot-equivalent (von Mises) stress
  9. Deformation plot
  10. Factor of safety calculation and plot
  11. Generate reports
  12. Publish SolidWorks eDrawings of analysis results
  13. Animate and save as AVI

SimulationXpress provides 13 core capabilities in all versions of SolidWorks, and Simulation Premium provides a total of 76!

While not everyone is devoted to being a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) analyst, with SimulationXpress you can develop skills to help optimize design concepts for performance, minimize product weight, and reduce costs of many designs.

CAPINC logo in rectangle being compressed in SolidWorks

Compress it…

CAPINC logo in rectangle bending in SolidWorks

Bend it…

Performing an analysis of a single SolidWorks part is the core mission of SimulationXpress. You can evaluate stress, displacement, factor of safety and even perform a single variable optimization relative to factor of safety, stress, or displacement.

CAPINC logo in rectangle being twisted in SolidWorks

Twist it…

CAPINC logo in rectangle evaluate safety in SolidWorks

Evaluate Factor of Safety…

Although the CAPINC support hotline is not an online training source, we can provide customers on SolidWorks subscription with us, a 10 minute jump start in using this very easy to use tool, give us a call: 800-424-2255  x1000.

CAPINC logo in green rectangle in SolidWorks

Optimize it…

Try out the tutorials in the SolidWorks help section. (Tutorials 2 of 2, SolidWorks Simulation express.  There are 4 examples available)
SolidWorks tutorials screenshot

And the bonus that you’ve been waiting for… FREE SolidWorks SimulationXpress Training is Available Online!
SolidWorks SimulationXpress Learning Center



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