How to Prevent Color Bleeds in FDM Printed Parts

We love printing in different colors. It makes parts more fun, helps distinguish certain features and provides pertinent information such as warnings or notices.

One thing we’ve noticed is that when switching from a darker color to a lighter color in a uPrintplus or Dimension 3D printer, the darker color bleeds ever so slightly into the first few layers of the next part. In order to prevent our light colored parts from having a tint of another color, we print a small ring to clean out the print head.

His and Her’s. His: Black to White. Her’s: Red to Ivory.

The .stl file we use for these small rings is available for download, and if you’re looking to print out specific sizes (do you know your wife’s ring size?) then you can adjust the size to print a ring that’s just right. (See chart below)

The rings are fast and easy to print, requiring no support material and they have an interesting gradient effect afterwards. These stylish accessories take 6-7 minutes to print, take less than a tenth of a cubic inch of material, and require zero post processing. It’s a great way to ensure your lighter parts look crisp and people in your office get trendy, light-weight, durable rings! It’s a win-win situation.

Ring Size Inside Diameter (in)
4 .586
4.5 0.602
5 0.618
5.5 0.634
6 0.65
6.5 0.666
7 0.682
7.5 0.698
8 0.714
8.5 0.73
Ring Size Inside Diameter (in)
9 0.746
9.5 0.762
10 0.778
10.5 0.794
11 0.81
11.5 0.826
12 0.842
12.5 0.858
13 0.874
13.5 0.89



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