Create an Alphabetical BOM in 3DVIA Composer

3DVC_BOM01Have you ever wanted to create a Bill of Materials from your design in an alphabetical list, like when you buy a piece of furniture? You can do this with 3DVIA Composer.

Simply use the BOM Workshop within 3DVIA Composer. The cool thing is that it creates BOM IDs from properties like actor name, actor tooltip, or a meta-property. Or you can have it generate your own index based on numbers or letters. Once you generate all the BOM IDs then you can create the BOM callouts on the model itself. This can be done with the many options available for the layout of the balloons.

Finally, you can export this image using the “Technical Illustration” workshop. This allows for a scaled vector image to be generated, with the BOM ids and the BOM table automatically generated. If you click on the part in the image or the item in the BOM, it will highlight it in both placed simultaneously. Find out more about 3DVIA Composer



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