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How do I render something 1:1 scale?

Photoworks (and the young up-and-comer, PhotoView 360) are great tools to make images for a marketing brochure, website, or just to show off your cool product.  But what if you need an image rendered 1:1 scale at exactly a certain size, let’s say 8.5″ x 11″, for printing out?  It’s not immediately obvious how to do this, […]

Create an Alphabetical BOM in 3DVIA Composer

Create an Alphabetical BOM in 3DVIA Composer

Have you ever wanted to create a Bill of Materials from your design in an alphabetical list, like when you buy a piece of furniture? You can do this with 3DVIA Composer. Simply use the BOM Workshop within 3DVIA Composer. The cool thing is that it creates BOM IDs from properties like actor name, actor […]

Design Cams in SolidWorks

Did you know that you can create cams with fully-defined motion paths and follower types with SolidWorks if you have the Toolbox Add-In turned on? You can choose circular or linear cams with many motion types. You can select the follower track as a blind cut or cut through the entire cam. To create a […]

SolidWorks Enhanced Interrogation Techniques: Part II

Assembly Visualization provides different ways to display and sort an assembly’s components in a list and in the graphics area. You can sort the list by one property at a time. Basic calculated numerical data such as component mass, density, and volume are available in the tool. Additionally, you can create customized criteria which are […]